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Experience the panorama over the Hardangerfjord (photo) from Karaldenuten (1300 m above sea level) - a simply fantastic mountain tour. "Better than Trolltunga" as an enthusiastic French couple experienced it as. The entire Gråsiden is also open and just waiting to be experienced.


Rongastovo is located along the Bergensstien with several DNT routes. Kvanndal, Rongastovo, Gråsiden, Nansenbu, Torfinnsheimen, Hodnaberg, Kiellandsbu, Breidablik, Vending and many more.


An easy walk of an hour and two is probably what suits many of us. There is a great river right below the mountain lodge with a nice swimming pool. Trips along the river provide great experiences from a roaring nature and mountain lakes and ridges in the nearby areas offer a number of opportunities also for those who want to take a short trip.

With a short car journey (10 minutes), there are also plenty of opportunities to go on simpler trips directly in the high mountains.

Jacuzzi høst gjester.jpg


The outdoor hot tub is just an fantastic activitie. Either as the first activity on the program, or just a lot of play and fun or maybe just a lovely relaxing evening bath.

(up to 8 adults).


We have a variety of toys and games for the whole family. For example, badminton, curling, mini-football with the opportunity to unfold on a small pitch.

In addition, we have many cozy "inside games" in the library.

Classic games such as ludo, deck of cards, memory games, monopoly, 20 questions, football games, ice hockey games and many more.

The jacuzzi is also very popular with e-bikes offroad.

Hest over Sonve.jpg


We arrange a great horse experience, adapted to each individual.

A normal schedule is an hour's time, maybe 2, with 1-4 horses. Just for the fun part, you can walk around the local area or take a short trip up the mountain.


A somewhat longer trip is 4 (5) hours, which is combined with a lunch on the way.


If you enjoy cycling in the nature and on mountain roads, electric off-road bikes (fat bikes) are the right activity for you. With powerful battery the bike pulls you up steep hills and with big tires nothing stops it on your way. Suitable for both mountain roads and paths. You can drive wherever you want.....

Elsykkel sommer.jpg


Experience a real Norwegian mountain farm with cows and sheep that run freely and how to they make several food, cakes and milkdrinks.


Here you can also get a taste of milk cakes and homemade butter.


And if you like it, just buy yourself real mountain farm food and bring it with you.


We arrange a farm visit where they have both cows, sheep and pigs. It is a ordinary farm that gives a good insight to the farm life and work, and the everyday life to the animals. Easily accessible on the way to/from our mountain lodge.
Nice trip for the whole family.

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